Edited old photo scan? 3D Anaglph WOW! How much fun is that?

Edited old photo scan

Edited old photo scan of me on bike from a distant time and place.

Sam edited old photo scan

Sam edited old photo scan, BUT NOW RUN AND GET YOUR 3D GLASSES!

Same edited old photo scan, but BANG-ZOOM-POW!

Same edited old photo scan of me on bike from a distant time and place. But WOW! How much fun is that?

Life Drawing Sessions

LifeDrawingSessions-6-14webLife Drawing is a fantastic opportunity for all artists to practice. It trains the subconscious mind, creates better hand-eye coordination, and increases the knowledge of the human body in terms of basic forms in light and shade. If you have this available to you, I highly recommend practicing as often as you can. (These are 15-25 minute poses).

Edit Photos from Camera Raw

If you have Camera Raw capabilities with your digital camera, and you don’t use it, you should!

I shot my Frisbee friend Anouk on a very damp, and cloudy day. My Canon cameras are set to RAW + JPEG M2. Since I work in Windows, my RAW files only show a CR2 icon. Therefore, these M2 (1600x1200px) JPEG files are used by me only as thumbnails to preview and to indicate which CR2 files they references (they have the same file names). You can see how the JPEG turned out on that day.

To edit this photo, I took the RAW file and first did a pre-edit in Camera Raw then saved it as a TIF and sent it to Photoshop, and edited there in non-destructive layering, where I then saved the layered TIF and also saved this JPEG which you see here.

You can edit Camera Raw, in Lightroom, Elements, or Bridge. In Photoshop you can save your layered file in PSD or TIF file format. PSD takes less file space and is equally as good, but in Windows again, I can only see the PSD icon in my file folders, whereas TIF shows me a thumbnail of the image of the file. In MAC they tell me this is not a consideration, so Bully for the privileged, I guess.

Think of your RAW files as your Digital Negatives which you save, and from which you can make new files again and again. Shoot Raw with a higher res JPEG if you want, but Photoshopping JPEGS is “Lossy” editing, degrading image and color. With your RAW files you make your TIFS and PSDS and you lose nothing. Make JPEGS from the edited final TIFS and PSDS for the web.

Shoot Raw & Cheers, Lou


T-Bone Shuffle by T-Bone Walker (1960) CARTOON ILLUSTRATED

Check out my first attempt at illustrating a song, I call it a “Cartune!”


CLICK Link:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-BTS6wIpG8&feature=youtu.be
T-Bone Shuffle recording by T-Bone Walker, T-Bone Blues LP (1960) – CARTOON ILLUSTRATED by Lou Pearson from An-Artists-Touch.com

Logo Artwork for Buffalo Bob’s Auto of Bismarck, ND.



Logo Artwork for Buffalo Bob’s Auto Car Club in Bismarck, ND.

Below is a progression of Custom Logo development with client, Brian Francis, in order to fully realize his vision and expectations. This was a fun project for the both of us! Rock on this Summer, Buffalo Bob’s Auto!




136,000 stitches!